International No Diet Day tomorrow...

Join me in helping to spread the word!  International No Diet Day  (to see the photos go to Tracing Real Body Models)

For 5 steps toward loving the body you have today, please read Dr. Jennifer Copeland's article, "Step Away From the Scale: Embrace the Bikini Body you already have" in the current issue of Show Me The Ozarks magazine (who knew such a zine existed!) Scroll all the way down to pg 92 for the one-page article.

To get the full value of Jennifer's 5 steps (i.e.: powerful personal action tips), you must read them in their entirety, but here's a teaser to entice you to hit that link:

1) Every body is different.

2) Sometimes you will get stuck in old patterns and habits.

3) Healthy living is important for people of all sizes, and you
can start feeling better now – no matter what the number on the
scale says.

4) Who are you letting have a say in your self-esteem?

5) Don’t feel guilty about taking time to focus on yourself.   --Jennifer Copeland, PsyD

Happy No Diet Day!