about andrea

Photo of AndreaAndrea Lynn Smeltzer was trained in opera, enjoyed the theater, was an avid dancer, a masterful jewelry-maker and poet. After studying in Spain for a year as an Exchange Student at 14, she spoke Spanish fluently. At the time of her death she was proficient in German and planned on mastering Japanese next.

Prior to college, Andrea was elected president of her high school’s Amnesty International group and was an outspoken advocate for human rights. She was the representative chosen to present the student petitions to the Guatemalan consulate in San Francisco. At Pitzer College she was awarded the prestigious Fletcher Jones Scholarship, worked as a dorm hall Resident Assistant and Mentor, dual majored in Languages and International Business & Politics—and looked forward to saving the world. She died tragically, at the age of 19, after only one year of bulimic behaviors.