Please forgive my lack of posting last Friday. We were celebrating my sister's 60th birthday and enjoying an "impromptu" family reunion--busy but sweet times!  

Annie eating at age 14Journal entry written by Andrea (15) during a class lecture while an exchange student in Spain:  

And so I made a very important decision last night. I paid almost $7,000 to come here to be a different person. That’s a whole lot of money. So I’m going to stop sitting on my butt feeling sorry for myself because I don’t fit in and do something about it! I don’t know how but I do know that the power to change is entirely within me. I will not allow others to define my mood, or my mission. At first I thought that if I did “as the Romans” I would become different overnight—fit in. All is perfect. But that doesn’t work—I have to still be me. I can’t get lost in the shuffle. I’m still the same person. Coming here just gave me the opportunity to be different. It didn’t automatically change me. I have to do that part…“and it’s hard and it hurts and it takes knowledge you don’t have but will when you’re finished. …And you learn that you really are brave, that you really are strong, that you really can survive.” [author of quote, unknown]