Andrea's weekly quote:
Suddenly right and wrong have switched poles and I don't know my own name. Is a name an identity? Does switching names allow you to assume a new identity? Or is it all in your mind? Does it really matter? Am I just in disequilibrium again? Run out of schemas and too tired to make more?
What the hell is nuclear fusion anyway? In a parallel universe are our dreams their reality? Why is there no ā€˜sā€™ at the end of the third person present simple verb? Can self-pity on a rainy day equal wet jeans for pure misery value any day of the week? Does all the sh*t we get taught in school actually have meaning or would we be just as well off to chuck it all, go to the mountains and be at one with nature and peace?
If the world as we know it were destroyed and people actually had to live out in nature would we be content with that or would the need to be bigger and better begin anew? Does age have relevance or can people interact together in the same ways regardless of age? ... Are guys truly ever of the same species? Happiness is being random.

--Andrea, 14, journal entry while living in Spain as an exchange student