On this, the anniversary of Andrea's death, I am sending hopes that you are well and safe during these challenging times.

The pandemic appears to be asking us to dig deep and develop/sustain the ability to befriend and love ourselves while reaching out to others with support and connection--albeit from an appropriately safe distance.* The protests remind us of our deeply embedded continuing issues around loving self and especially loving others, specifically people of color.* A LOT to deal with, but that is what happens when we avoid confronting truths...for months, or in the case of the latter, for hundreds of years. Work within is never easy, yet as necessary as breathing.• Below (click on photo to listen) is a recent podcast in which Tom and I were interviewed. The topics covered do not include COVID-19, but within the context of eating disorders it certainly illuminates the herculean task of self-discovery and change...

[*Although I have advanced on my journeys in these areas and can see the destinations, I am nowhere near arrival. I hold in deep respect, admiration and gratitude those who have and who continue to forge the paths beyond where I currently walk.] 

Karin Lewis

Our interviewer was the amazingly talented Boston-based therapist, Karin Lewis, who kindly asked if she could read aloud from our book at the beginning and end of our time together. That was not a problem, as the poems she chose are a part of our presentations. What I was ill-prepared for was her reading the few paragraphs prior to each. The last time I endured re-reading Andrea's Voice was before its second publication. Listening brought back the agony of writing our story. I can hear in this recording the tears I was holding back and am aware that my brain had downshifted, thus making my answers far less proficient than I would have liked. Fortunately, Tom came to my rescue and filled in my blanks.